UK Construction Industry Enjoys 16th Consecutive Month of Growth

The construction sector expanded at its fastest pace for seven months in August, despite construction materials shortages holding back growth, a survey suggests.

The Markit/CIPS construction Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) surged to 64 in August from 62.4 in July, surprising economists who had forecast a fall. It is now the 16th consecutive month that the index have been higher than 50 which indicated growth.

This has been surprising as the industry is suffering from the slowest delivery of materials by vendors since 1997! Markit said the fast pace of the industries growth has created a supply problem, with the availability of both construction materials and sub contractors stooping at the quickest pace since the survey began in 1997.

David Noble, Group Chief Executive at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply said, “The sector is struggling to find enough skilled tradesmen to keep pace with new work and the labour market will continue to put pressure on costs until the next wave of apprentices begin to enter the jobs market.” said

The sector, which was hit hard in the financial crisis, began to grow strongly last year, helped by low interest rates and government programmes aimed at boosting demand, as well as the broader economic recovery.

Growth in the sector in August was broad-based, with residential housing, commercial building and civil engineering activity all seeing strong increases. Residential construction performed the strongest of the three, although the pace of expansion slowed slightly.

Despite the increases, the construction of new homes remains below levels needed to meet demand.

Stefan Friedhoff, Global Corporates Managing Director for Construction at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, said it was “vital” that the current momentum was maintained. He went on to say, “the true proof of a return to normality will be in activity spreading from a consistently buoyant London out to other regions of the UK”.

Recipro UK sourced this article from the BBC Website.

Charity Project – Team Oasis Saves over £1200 by Sourcing Materials through ReciproCity Wirral

Team Oasis came to Recipro with a mission statement to update and refurbish an old derelict building and transform it into a child friendly space where Team Oasis can deliver activities for children of all abilities, backgrounds and circumstances.

They were able to source materials to cover up and repair damage to the roof/ceiling as well as the walls and floors giving the whole building a new lease of life. After the building work was complete they also purchased hundreds of litres of paint – glosses, matt paint, masonry and undercoat all for a low cost which enabled the project to continue to be on schedule but more importantly on budget.

Paul Nilson, Team Oasis Coordinator, said, “Using the Recipro service to source low cost building materials and paint has enabled us to not only to get the project finished on cost but also on time. On behalf of the Team Oasis Charity I would like to thank Recipro for providing a great service and thank all the contractors and suppliers who support the service by donating their surplus and reusable materials. We were surprised by the high quality of the materials, especially the paint which is just £1 per litre. We will be using the service again and again in the future and would certainly recommend it to anyone”

By using Recipro, Team Oasis saved over £1200* compared with purchasing these products ‘new’. They helped to reuse over 1.5 tonnes of material, which saved 3.3 tonnes of carbon.

* based upon cost of same or similar new material, assum­ing no trade discount

Paint Accessories Available at Community RePaint & ReciproCity Wirral

It’s been 1 year since taking over the running of Community Repaint Wirral, Recipro have slowly started to expand our accessories range to become a one stop shop for all the DIYers and decorators in the community.

We are now confident that we can provide top quality paint at a fraction of the cost in shops as well as the accessories you’ll need to get the job done.

Below is a list and price of all the different accessories we have available, if you would like to make an order please email or call 0151 639 0651.

Description Retail Price £
0.5″ Paint Brush £0.30
1″ Paint Brush £0.40
1.5″ Paint Brush £0.50
2″ Paint Brush £0.60
3″ Paint Brush £0.70
4″ Black Bristle Economy Brush                      £1.00
5 Brush Pack £1.50
10 Brush Pack £2.50
Wallpaper Hanging Brush £1.50
Wood Preserver Block Brush £1.50
Masonry Block Brush £1.50
9″ Medium Pile Roller & Tray £1.50
9″ Extension Pole Roller £2.50
9″ Medium Pile Spare Sleeve £0.80
4″ Radiator Roller £1.50
10 Pack 4″ Emulsion Mini Roller Sleeves £3.00
4″ Emulsion Mini Roller and Tray £1.50
12x 9 Dustsheet £0.50
Paint Pad Set £5.00
3″ Wall Scraper £1.50
4″ Wall Scraper £2.00
SandPaper Pack of 20 £2.00
17 Piece Mega Value Set ( 5 Brushes, Roller, Sandpaper, Dustsheet, Mini Rollers) £5.00
Caulking Gun                      £3.00
24mm x 50m Masking Tape                      £1.00
48mm x 50m Masking Tape                      £2.00
5M Tape Measure                      £1.50


On 12th September 2014, Social Enterprise Network will once again turn the spotlight on social finance with this year’s much-anticipated conference: ‘Capital with a Conscience: A Better Solution?’ Social businesses, funders, social banks, and public and private enterprises keen to work ethically are invited to bring their best ideas to this meeting of minds, taking place at The Reader Organisation’s breathtaking Calderstones Mansion House.

The first event in the series took place a year ago, and asked the crucial question: ‘does social finance truly understand social need?’ After an intense day of debating and exchanging experiences, attendees and speakers alike came to the conclusion that no, it did not. In fact, it seemed like finance models designed to help the Social Enterprise sector were actually creating another, equally complex set of barriers.

So now, entrepreneurs and experts will reconvene to take the issue forward, and ask if over the last twelve months, investment models have progressed to reflect the sector’s diverse needs. Featuring talks, lively debates, panel discussions, workshops and a ‘marketplace’ of investors, the day is aimed at all participants in social enterprise and social finance, whether they are newcomers or old-timers. The agenda will cover everything from the future of funding in the current economic climate, to practical advice for first-timers on securing social finance, as well as exploring the burgeoning relationship between social finance and the public sector.

Speakers will include Robbie Davison of Can Cook, and Helen Heap of Seebohm Hill, who both have progressive ideas around what social lenders should really be doing. Robbie is the Director of Can Cook, a social enterprise which tackles food poverty, and he has first-hand experience of receiving social finance. He also authored a ground-breaking paper on which the first conference was based, calling for a radical re-structuring of the relationship between investors and recipients. Helen is an experienced social investment analyst, and with Robbie, has put forward the new ’Builder Capital’ model, with a view to providing community-based social enterprises with the long-term support they need.

Says Helen – “Robbie and I felt so passionately that something needed to change when it came to providing appropriate funding for social enterprises that we wrote a book about it! We are now working to move the Builder Capital model from drawing board to reality. We look forward to exchanging ideas at ‘Capital with a Conscience’ – A Better Solution? as to how providing the right sort of money at the right time  for a social enterprise with a suitable trading model  can transform its effectiveness, both in creating social impact and its viability as a business.”

Confirmed organisations include Key Fund, who have provided finance to over 2000 organisations and are a social enterprise themselves, and Big Issue Invest, who have recently developed new funds for the sector. More are still to be announced.

Lunch, refreshments and challenging ideas are all included in the price of your £10 ticket. If you would like to take a stall in the marketplace, please email To book tickets, click this link or search Eventbrite for ‘Capital with a Conscience: A Better Solution?’ For more information, email or call 0151 237 2664.

This event is officially sponsored by SENTogether, The Reader Organisation and Key Fund.

Community RePaint Wirral Celebrates 1 Year in New Home

Community RePaint Wirral was adopted by Wirral Reuse business, Recipro, a year ago this month. RePaint is part of a national programme to reduce the amount of paint being disposed of every year. Paint is collected from a variety of sources, and then sold on to community groups, charities and local people for just £1 per litre plus VAT. Paint reuse was a natural and exciting addition to the existing building materials reuse store Recipro launched in 2011.

In 2012 336.5 million litres of paint (retail and trade) were sold in the UK. Of this, it is estimated that approximately 50 million litres are unused, stored in homes or garages or just thrown away. That’s enough paint to fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

The Community RePaint Scheme at Wirral has collected over 15,500 litres of paint in its first year, far exceeding all expectations. That’s enough to paint an estimated 1.2 million square foot of wall. The scheme has seen month on month growth and in June alone almost 2,500 litres were redistributed. Mike Close, Operations Manager at Recipro, said “We’re thrilled to have seen such success in our first year of running RePaint. We are not only reducing a huge waste problem, but we’re helping local organisations and residents to improve their homes, offices and community buildings without it costing them a fortune.”

One of the partners of the scheme is Veolia, who operate Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in the Merseyside area. The HWRCs are operated as part of a 20 year contract with the Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority (MRWA), the authority responsible for waste disposal on behalf of all Merseyside Councils. Unwanted paint is dropped off at several centres by local residents and until recently was disposed of to landfill. In the first year of the partnership almost 9000 litres of paint has been collected by the Recipro scheme from Veolia HWRCs, the majority of which has already been reused in the local community. Mike Wake, Assistant Contract Manager at Veolia Merseyside & Halton Ltd said “Working closely with Recipro we have established an effective working relationship which has seen steady growth of the paint reuse service. Our aim is continued growth of the business with the added social and environmental benefit of helping the local community reuse a product that was previously disposed of to landfill”.

One of the community projects who have benefited from the scheme is Team Oasis, a children’s charity in Toxteth have purchased 250 litres of paint through the scheme. Paul Nilson of the scheme said “Using the Recipro service to source low cost building materials and paint has enabled us to not only to get the project finished on cost but also on time. We were surprised by the high quality of the materials, especially the paint which is just £1 per litre. We will be using the service again and again in the future and would certainly recommend it to anyone”

Martin Pearce, Manager of the Community RePaint Network nationally praised the Wirral scheme: “Recipro have done a great job in developing Community Repaint in such a short time in the Wirral area, and are to be congratulated. The great result being thousands of litres of paint which would have been wasted has now been used to brighten up many homes and community buildings.”

To find out more about donating or purchasing paint, please contact ReciproCity Wirral on 0151 639 0651 or

Heart of Egremont Community Project Saves Hundreds Using ReciproCity Wirral

Mural at the Heart of Egremont

The best thing about working for a company like Recipro is the great projects and people you get to meet and hear from below is a case study from a great project and hopefully we will be able to help them more in the future.

Upcycled Storage/Display Unit

The community centre in the heart of Egremont opened its door to residents in July 2013 and has been transformed from a former cafe into a place where people can drop in any time for a cuppa and a chat. The facilities include a café area, open to everyone, an I.T corner, art exhibition space with the opportunity for local artists to display and sell their work, a Heritage section with access to photographic libraries and local history reference books, and a small meeting room.

They are currently funded by John Moores University and their own fundraising. They receive no other funding, subsidies or assistance. The centre survives on the good will of the community and the time and generosity of the volunteers working in there. The Heart of Egremont certainly brings out the heart in people.

They were in need of some paint to brighten up their work space as well as some kitchen units to be upcycled into storage space, as you can see from the photos they did a brilliant job for both! Using Recipro to source kitchen units and paint helped to save the organisation over £250*!

Nora Higginson, Community Leader, Heart of Egremont – “We would like to thank Recipro for offering such a great service. We have always found the staff to be helpful, knowledgeable and have great ideas! Giving assistance where needed, and doing the running around for us!! A pleasure to pop in, even if it is just for advice! We would highly recommend Recipro Wirral for all your paint, DIY materials and now office furniture needs!”

Community RePaint Wirral

Community RePaint schemes collect reusable, leftover paint and re-distribute it to individuals, families, communities and charities in need, improving the well being of people and the appearance of places across the UK.

Where to get paint:

ReciproCity Wirral
Unit 5 New Way Business Park
Oakdale Road
CH44 7HT

Tel: 0151 639 0651

Open Times:

Monday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Tuesday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Wednesday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Thursday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Friday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Saturday – 10am – 4pm
Sunday – CLOSED

We are open to the general public, community groups and charities and all our paint is sold for just £1 per litre (excluding VAT)!

Where to donate paint:

Bidston Household Waste Recycling Centre
Wallasey Bridge Rd,
CH41 1EB

Operating times

April to end of September
Mon to Sun:
8am to 8pm

October to end of March
Mon to Sun:
8am to 5pm

To donate your paint please ask the people on site to point you to where they keep all paint, it is then separated into reusable and non-reusable paint we then collect all reusable paint and process it at the centre.

For Trade please make separate arrangements directly with Recipro, call the Recipro team on 0151 639 0651 or email

ReciproCity & Community RePaint Wirral is a part of the national Community RePaint Network

Buy 10 Litres of Paint & Get a free Multi-Brush Pack or 9″ Roller & Tray Only at ReciproCity Wirral!

Oh, and in case you have forgotten ALL PAINT is sold for just £1 per litre (+VAT), so make sure you pop down and grab yourself a bargain!*

ReciproCity Wirral – Unit 5 New Way Business Park, Oakdale Road, Wallasey, CH44 7HT

Opening Times

Monday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Tuesday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Wednesday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Thursday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Friday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm

Sunday - CLOSED

*The offer has now been extended until Mid June!

ReciproCity Wirral Office Furniture Offers!

We have some much new office furniture stock that we’ve created this awesome deal to help all the start ups businesses, Charities, Social Enterprises and budding entrepreneurs who need a creative space to work but can’t afford to spend the Earth!

For just £50 (+VAT) you get a top quality office desk, office chair, 3-4 drawer pedestal and an office storage unit (please see the below image).

Office desk, chairs, pedestal & Filing Cabinet all just £50!

As well as that great offer we have:

  • Top quality office chairs for just £10 each
  • Corner Desks for just £25 each
  • Lockable pedestals from just £10 each
  • Storage units & Filing cabinets from as little as £15

As well as office furniture we can help your office look even better with huge varieties of paint to spruce up the walls for just £1 per litre, as well as brand new carpet tiles for just 50p each and brand new ceiling tiles for just £10 per box!

To find out more about the stock we have available please email or call 0151 639 0651.

Alternative just pop in to ReciproCity Wirral, Unit 5 New Way Business Park, Oakdale Rd, Wallasey, CH44 7HT.

Opening Times

Monday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Tuesday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Wednesday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Thursday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Friday – 8.00am – 4.30pm
Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm

Sunday - CLOSED

Community RePaint Wirral Processes 8000L of Paint in just 8 Months

Recipro since taking on the Community RePaint scheme for Wirral have been excited to continually share our development of the scheme and are pleased to announce that we have processed 8000 litres of paint through our scheme since commencing in August 2013. That’s a lot of paint!

It’s been great to work with so many enlightened retailers, household waste recycling centres and painters and decorators who have demonstrated a real appetite to make sure their surplus paint is reused and not going to waste.

It’s also been especially gratifying to be able to help so many community projects, families and individuals to get materials for their decorating projects and we have met some great people and look forward to meeting and helping many more in the future.

We just wanted to take this opportunity not only to thank everyone for their support since we opened but also to share with you a particularly heart warming charity project which we recently assisted, Team Oasis (Children’s Dance, Sports and Learning) .

Team Oasis has had a rather nomadic existence in its recent history with a number of venue switches in an attempt to find a permanent base for its activities. Having had to abandon previous leased properties sold, rents doubled or simply become unaffordable an opportunity arose to set up at an abandoned community centre in Toxteth. The centre had been left in a state of poor repair following vandalism and is being refurbished to enable Team Oasis to fully maximise the space available so it can once again deliver activities for all children of all abilities, backgrounds and circumstances. It is with great pleasure that Recipro have been able to help them in the process to restore the building back into a functional space which will serve the community. They were able to use both building materials and approximately 200 litres of paint to give the centre a new lease of life.

Paul Nilson, Project Coordinator kindly provided these words thanking Recipro and Community RePaint for the support we were able to offer on their scheme.

“Using the ReciproCity and Community Repaint Wirral to source low cost building materials and paint has enabled us to not only to get the project finished on cost but also on time. On behalf of the Team Oasis Charity I would like to thank Recipro and Community RePaint for providing a great service and thank all the contractors and suppliers who support the service by donating their surplus and reusable materials. We were surprised by the high quality of the materials, especially the paint which is just £1 per litre. We will be using the service again and again in the future and would certainly recommend it to anyone”

We hope that Paul and the team at Team Oasis have found their home for many years to come and continue to the good work.

If you have a project (or just an individual or family) that needs paint, building materials or office furniture then be sure to contact us to see how we can help or pop into our reuse centre and store during our opening times.