Construction Site Prank

As its April the only month with a day dedicated to fooling people and pulling pranks we have scoured Youtube looking for a funny construction prank to brighten up your afternoon, we hope you enjoy it:

(Please don’t try this at home; it’s very messy and such a waste of materials!)

Community IT Company saves Over £2,500 using ReciproCity Wirral

Recipro have recently started doing a lot of work with a new charitable organisation, the Community IT Company, which was in need of building materials to refurbish their premises in order to make them fit for use for their new community focused IT company.

Using Recipro to source the building and DIY materials as well as purchasing paint from the Community RePaint side of the business has helped them to save the follow:

  • Over 5 tonnes of carbon
  • Over 2 tonnes of materials diverted from waste streams
  • Community saving of over £2,500

Colin, Community IT Company, said “Using ReciproCity and Community RePaint Wirral has allowed me to start my project and stay below budget. I was surprised by the quality and variety of materials available at ReciproCity Wirral. A big thanks to all the contractors and suppliers that are supporting the Recipro service and in doing so putting something back in to the community. I will certainly be using the service again.”

If you want to know how Recipro can help your organisation pop into your nearest ReciproCity or email

Project Recover: New Life from Old Paint

Leading global design and innovation company Seymourpowell has collaborated with leading global paint company AkzoNobel Decorative Paints to explore and improve the process of recycling used paint — thus closing the loop of paint production

As part of a project jointly funded by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, Seymourpowell have a made this educational video highlighting the possibilities, as well as the benefits, of paint recycling.

Recipro thought they’d share this great video with all our users too!



Community RePaint Wirral Accessories List

Since taking over the running of Community Repaint Wirral, Recipro have slowly started to expand our accessories range to become a one stop shop for all the DIYers and decorators in the community.

We are now confident that we can provide top quality paint at a fraction of the cost in shops as well as the accessories you’ll need to get the job done.

Below is a list and price of all the different accessories we have available, if you would like to make an order please email or call 0844 225 3000.

Description Retail Price (Excludes VAT) £
0.5″ Paint Brush £0.30
1″ Paint Brush £0.40
1.5″ Paint Brush £0.50
2″ Paint Brush £0.60
3″ Paint Brush £0.70
5 Brush Pack £1.50
10 Brush Pack £2.50
Wallpaper Hanging Brush £1.50
Wood Preserver Block Brush £1.50
Masonry Block Brush £1.50
9″ Medium Pile Roller & Tray £1.50
9″ Extension Pole Roller £2.50
9″ Medium Pile Spare Sleeve £0.80
4″ Radiator Roller £1.50
10 Pack 4″ Emulsion Mini Roller Sleeves £3.00
4″ Emulsion Mini Roller and Tray £1.50
12x 9 Dustsheet £0.50
Chisel Knife £1.50
3″ Wall Scraper £1.50
4″ Wall Scraper £2.00
SandPaper Pack of 20 £2.00
17 Piece Mega Value Set – Brushes, Roller, Sandpaper, Dustsheet £5.00

Should Charity Chief Executives work for free?

A recent poll of 1000 adults conducted by nfpSynergy, has revealed that charities need to be much more transparent when it comes to explaining why they pay salaries to staff. Almost a third of people think that charity Chief Executives should work for free, according to a survey by the sector research organisation nfpSynergy.

The poll, which was carried out in November, asked respondents whether they thought people involved with charities in various categories – such as trustees, street fundraisers etc– should receive a wage, the results showed below:

  • 31% said charity Chief Executives should definitely not/probably not be paid whilst – 44% said they should probably/definitely receive a salary
  • 20% said charity support staff should not be paid – compared with 56% who thought they should
  • 37% thought charity directors should not receive salaries
  • 63% of respondents thought charity shop managers should be paid with just 16% saying they shouldn’t

The survey also asked respondents who they thought were paid from the various positions:

  • 81% correctly though charity Chief Executives were paid
  • 62% incorrectly thought charity presidents were salaried.
  • Almost 33% of respondents incorrectly believed street fundraisers did not receive a wage

Rob White, Marketing Officer at nfpSynergy, said there was a lot of confusion over who was being paid in charities and who was not. He said, “Charities are clearly still not explaining who is paid, who works for free and why their staff are value for money. When will charities learn that they must explain to donors why they need to spend money on salaries?”

“Nearly two-thirds of people mistakenly think a president is paid. Our advice is that, if you have a president, get rid of their title and call them something else or many donors will be thinking they draw a wage.”

Recipro sourced this article from third sector

Building Material Giant Cemex Launches new Building Block

The material giant Cemex has launches a new concrete brick which is designed to be a smaller version of the aggregate block, called Readybricks. They have been designed as a spacer or coursing brick and for use where the brick is covered by plastering or rendering, such as in-fills above doors and windows.

Cemex said the UK building industry have got behind the new size with sales of Readybricks exceeding original expectations.

The ReadyBricks come in 2 strengths, 10N and 22N in standard brick size. The new product has gone into production at sites in West Calder, West Lothian; Buxton in Derbyshire and Northfleet, Kent.

The new product includes quarry dust as one of its raw materials which makes it a great environmentally friendly product as quarry dust could potentially be sent to landfill – basically turning waste into a resource!

Recipro sourced this article from Construction Enquirer.

Who can use the Recipro service?

We are getting asked this question more and more, especially with the success of our ReciproCities and Community Repaint schemes helping to grow our reputation as a provider of top quality materials for a low cost. So we thought it would be better to clearly outline who can use the Recipro service, so you can see how we can help you.

Who can use the Recipro website?

The short answer is, absolutely anyone and everyone. Whether you’re a business, from the third sector, general public or just a keen DIYer, anyone can use the site to source or sell any surplus or reusable materials they have – the best part it’s absolutely free!

It’s free to register, free to list materials and free to contact other members – we also take NO COMMISSION from any sales made through our site!

Who can purchase materials from a ReciproCity?

Everyone is welcome to visit and browse the stock at any ReciproCity store. We segregate our stock so that when we receive material donations from contactors and suppliers for the first 6-8 weeks those materials are exclusively for third sector and community projects. After that time the materials become open to all and available to purchase by anyone.

What constitutes a community/third sector project?

Obviously registered charities cane asily provide a charity number should it be requested but community projects can be a little more of a grey area.

At Recipro we don’t want to put unnecessary barriers in the way of the local community trying to improve their area so as long as you can demonstrate that the project will have a positive impact on the local area either by improving the way the area looks or helps out the people or wildlife in the community we are happy to help!

We are also happy to help; faith groups, social enterprises, CIC’s, schools, colleges and low income tenants within the community.

Don’t forget you can add your project to the Recipro Communities Page!

Who can purchase from our Community RePaint schemes?

Anyone! If you need low cost paint and accessories to paint you’re office, home, local community centre or anywhere you can purchase paint from Community Repaint Wirral (or East London) for just £1 per litre with various low cost accessories also available!

We hope this clears all that up, if you’re still confused you can tweet us @ReciproUK or email


Community Centre Saves Money on Brand New Materials & Reduces Carbon Emissions

One of the best things about working for Recipro is the good we can do within the local community for third sector and community projects.

Earlier this year we were contacted by one of our users called Amit, he helps run his local community centre in the Leicester area.  He informed us they had a small budget to carry out the repairs and maintenance needed to get the place up to a decent standard after years of it being left to ruin.

One of the biggest problems they had was mismatched and damaged ceiling tiles as well as a faded and word paint throughout the interior.

Using Recipro to source materials they were able to save:

  • Over £300 sourcing brand new materials from Recipro instead of other retail stores
  • More than half a tonne of surplus material were diverted from waste streams
  • Over 1.5 tonnes of carbon emission was avoided through the redistribution of the materials

Amit was kind enough to provide us with a quote on his experience using the Recipro service to source low cost building materials, he said:

“Thanks to using the Recipro service we were able to source top quality materials at a fraction of their true worth. The service was easy to use and very reliable. I will certainly be using Recipro to source more materials in the future and recommend it to anyone in need of quality materials at an affordable price”.


Community Repaint 2013 Stats


ReciproCity Wirral Now Open Saturdays!

Reciprocity Wirral and Community RePaint Wirral are delighted to announce that we are now opening on Saturdays between 10am -4pm to add to our current weekly opening hours.4

From the 1st March our full opening hours are as follows:

























The centre is located at the following address:

ReciproCity Wirral

Unit 5 New Way Business Park

Oakdale Road


CH44 7HT

If you have any problems finding the yard or want any information about materials we have available please don’t hesitate to contact the centre on , 0151 6390651 or email, we look forward to seeing you soon!