Construction SMEs Not Signing up to The Green Deal

The UK construction industry may not get any great benefit from the green deal unless the Government do more to encourage SMEs to be involved according to the Federation of Master Builders.

The Green deal is a Government scheme with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of UK homes with funding for insulation, boiler improvements and other energy-saving upgrades.

A survey of FMB members showed that only 27% of SMEs had any intention of being involved in the green deal. Many expressed their annoyance at the overly complicated procedure to register.

FMB Chief Executive Brian Berry thinks more needs to be done to educate home owners and help SMEs to get involved in the Green Deal, Mr. Berry said “Trusted local trades are ready and willing to help homeowners fit energy-saving measures such as double-glazing and insulation. However, many have expressed frustration that it is not easy for smaller firms to get involved in Green Deal work, and that there hasn’t been a marketing campaign to explain to householders what the Green Deal is all about.”

Mr Berry went on to say “People want to use their local builder to have energy-efficient improvement work carried out, because they know them and have used them before. But the scheme has been designed so large numbers of small firms are excluded because of the significant costs involved in offering Green Deal finance directly to homeowners. Instead local firms will have to find a large finance provider to work with, rather than getting started on work which would boost the economy and help home-owners save money on their fuel bills.”

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