Recipro Upcycling Projects

At Recipro we like to practice what we preach, so when myself and Michael had the chance to get our hands dirty and do some DIY to help improve the ReciproCity Wirral we jumped at the chance.

Upcycling and reusing the various building materials we had available we were able to create 4 different units that helped to increase our storage space, display our materials more creatively and also a top notch sales counter for our growing customer base.

Constructed from 6 kitchen base units

This display was created utilising six surplus end of line 500 open display units. Assembled and fixed together they now provide a new display for a number of our stocklines which are priced at 20p. Through reusing these units we have reduced waste by over 126kg and saved 255kg of carbon.

Cost of materials to create this unit was just £30!*

Constructed from 24 cookerhood units

This practical storage system for our store room was assembled using 24 end of line cooker hood kitchen units. This has not only increased our volume of storage space where previously ground storage was only available, but provided a much neater and tidier system. The reuse of these items has reduced waste by 154kg and saved in excess of 310kg of carbon.

Cost of materials to create this full wall storage unit is just £110!*

Constructed from 15 cookerhood units

This counter was constructed through the reuse of 15 end of line cooker hood kitchen, they not only provide an attractive counter but provide practical workspace and storage. This example of reuse has reduced waste by 126kg and saved 255kg of carbon.

Cost of materials to create this L shaped shop counter just £80!*


Constructed from 3 pallets and 2 dresser herb units

These display stands were constructed from the reuse of old pallets, deconstructed dresser kitchen units, and surplus timber. Each display stand has reduced waste by over 36kg and in excess of 63kg of carbon. They now provide an enhanced method of displaying our different varieties of ceiling tiles.

Cost of materials to create 3 separate display boards just £20!*

If you would like to share you’re DIY or upcycling stories and pictures with us please email or visit the Recipro Facebook Page.

(Costs based on ReciproCity Wirral prices)*

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